NG XT Finesse Carbon HD

NG XT Mugger Paste HD
9th November 2017
NG XT Cane Tip Finesse Carbon or Wire Stem (Chianti), ROHACELL High Density foam body.
9th November 2017
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NG XT Finesse Carbon HD

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Reduced To Clear, £1 each

Improved Mk 2 float now available

These are a superb winter float. They are built with a 0.6mm carbon stem going all the way through the high density foam body into a 1.2mm hollow tip. A new type of spring eye is fitted that totally encloses the line so you can fish light without fear of line damage. Perfect for baits like soft pellet, maggot and corn. They are designed to get maximum shot for the float size giving unrivaled sensitivity with a slim body. This float can be fished with a bulk shot or strung out fishing on the drop. These are designed for silverfish/F1 but with the spring eye are suitable for winter carp.

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