NG XT Finesse Carbon HD Mk 2, Power Side Eye

NG Amber Core Hollow Pole Elastic 4-8, 1.5mm, Orange
19th February 2018
STIK-Shot, Stots Like Half Styl Shot
1st March 2018
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NG XT Finesse Carbon HD Mk 2, Power Side Eye



New and now improved with power side eyes, these give you the finesse of the side eye and the strength of a spring EYE

These are a superb winter float. They are built with a 0.6mm carbon stem going all the way through the high density foam body into a 1.2mm hollow tip.

Perfect for baits like soft pellet, maggot and corn.

They are designed to get maximum shot for the float size giving unrivaled sensitivity with a slim body.

This float can be fished with a bulk shot or strung out fishing on the drop. These are designed for silverfish/F1.

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Red, Yellow


0.2g, 0.3g, 0.4g, 0.5g

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