NG XT Finesse, Wire Stem, Spring Eye

NG XT Shorter Hollow Tip Finesse Carbon (Chianti), ROHACELL High Density foam body. 1.2mm and 1.5mm tip size
11th September 2020
NG XT Jordan Power, New Stronger Side Eye, Nitinol Memory Wire
4th December 2020
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NG XT Finesse, Wire Stem, Spring Eye


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Now available with a Spring Eye

The slim body shape now with a wire stem! This float is built with a 1.2mm hollow plastic tip, a 0.6mm wire stem, side eye and balsa body. The stem goes all the way through the float and into the tip, only the last 10mm of the tip is hollow. this makes the float extra sensitive in hard winter conditions. The wire gives good stability and makes the float fish straight away.

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