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1st November 2017
A few new fishing reports!
11th December 2017
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Longshaw Farm, Canterbury, Match

Was at Longshaw Farm last week for a first visit. Drew a peg on wood lake which was the small one with islands, had a hole in the far bank cover at 14m to fish too and a gap to my left that was telling me to throw a waggler in.

Was only about 3ft all over so just set up two pole rigs.

Silverfish rig, a 0.3g XT Slim Gimp Wire, 0.12 Fortex line to a 0.10 trace, hook was a size 16, 911f1

Carp Rig, a 0.2g Mini Decker, 0.18 line to a 0.16 trace, hook is a 14 911x didn’t go too light due to the far bank tree roots.

Waggler was a 2g Glow Top, lightly shotted with 3 no 8s down the line, to a 16, 911 hook and 0.16 trace.

Bait for the day was maggot, 6mm expanders and 4mm soaked hard pellet. Also a bit of ground pellet GB.

Got a few bites from the off at about 8m from small roach fishing out in front, this was a bit slow but the catch rate increased fishing to the left using a bush as cover, as I thought the water was a bit clear and this stopped them spooking so easy. Kept on this for about an hour and pretty much had a fish a cast.

Catty feeding the hole in the far bank with pellet, first go over produced a couple of small carp! Had several more in the next few hours by picking one or two off and resting it for a bit catching a few small roach to pass the time. I also had a 2 on the waggler cast into the gap to the left.

At the all out I had 43lb of carp and 8lb of roach. Weighing in 51lb with enough to win!

2nd place was 39lb and I think 3rd about 30.

Have included the box picture taken at the end of the days fishing, what a mess!