NG Twin Core Hollow Pole Elastic, 20-22+ , 3.2mm, Black

NG Twin Core Hollow Pole Elastic, 20-22+ , 3.2mm, Black

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The best big fish margin elastic I've used
from Anonymous on 21/07/2017
I do a lot of fishing for 8-20lb+ carp in private waters which aren't well manicured like a lot of commercials and this is the only elastic I feel confident with. Set normally (just creeping back in the tip) it's like a typical hollow but set it a little tighter (a couple of inches short) and it really comes into it's own.
Powers up straight away with exactly the right amount of stretch to get control of a bolting fish without being too heavy handed, much better than other hollows I've used for snag fishing.

I use it with Middy ball style puller beads which are the most suitable IME and also use it with the cone style dacrons, you need a very soft dacron as it has to stretch over the knot due to the sheer diameter of the elastic.

If you want to fish heavy for large non-tame carp then this is the stuff to use.
cant beat it down the edge for lumps
from Anonymous on 12/08/2016
Zeer goed
from Anonymous on 11/08/2016
Ben zeer tevreden, ook over de verkoper.
Zeer goede producten en snelle levering.
Ga zeker nog vaker iets bestellen.
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