NG XT Finesse Glass Stem Side Eye

NG XT Finesse Glass Stem Side Eye

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Average rating: 4.7
from Anonymous on 09/03/2016
Superb items and easily shotted as recommended. Well made and have a superb finish.
from Anonymous on 27/01/2016
Early days but as far as I can tell, these floats appear to be durable and look well made. I have to be honest that I prefer the NG hand made version but these weren't available at the time and this is such a good pattern, i needed to restock and make some rigs. If they prove to be half as good as the hand made version, they will be great. Good value and waaay better than most off the shelf float.
superb floats
from Anonymous on 31/03/2015
the finish on these floats is top notch very professional.every float takes exactly the same loading capacity so you do one in the dossi then just replicate it will be purchasing more when required

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