Customer ratings for NG Solid Pole Elastic, 6m length On Winder

NG Solid Pole Elastic, 6m length On Winder
from £2.00
Price incl. VAT.

New pole elastic manufactured by the same company as all the big name use but at a bargain price.

I have a wide range of grades starting at no3 (0.7mm) going all the way up to No18 (2.3mm)

Supplied in lengths 6 meters long

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Number of ratings: 19
Average rating: 4.6
First class
from Anonymous on 31/12/2017
Excellent elastic especially if you want to use it doubled in the winter months.
Excellent elastic especially if you want to use it doubled in the winter months.
from Anonymous on 07/01/2017
Great service as well
Not used yet but looks the business
from Anonymous on 05/09/2016
from Anonymous on 11/08/2016
Ben heel tevreden over de producten en de verkoper
looks ok and cheap enough
from Anonymous on 15/07/2016
not used yet
from Anonymous on 09/06/2016
So far it's spot on but it's not been in long , great value and if it lasts a reasonable amount of time it's all I will use in future.
Good quality and great value for money.
from Anonymous on 24/03/2016
amazing quality for the price!
from Anonymous on 14/03/2016
Brought the solid 2.3mm elastic and fitted it through two top kits, had a little trouble tying the knots which nick gilbert told me to de-grease it first which worked, used them at the fisho qualifier at viaduct and they were perfect for the margins, very happy, great service. Thanks.
very good
from Anonymous on 12/02/2016
Used this for my silver fishing seems OK had no problems.
Unbeatable value!
from Anonymous on 07/02/2016
from Anonymous on 02/02/2016
Used first time this weekend the 6 and 8 solid, worked a treat and a great winter lazzy
Not used but I have pulled on the elastic and it apears to work well for the price I dont think I will be disappointed.
from Anonymous on 04/12/2015
Bought Amber Core hollow and solid elastic due to ill health not been able to fish but I have fitted laccy to 5 kits and pulling on the elastic none broke none gave me concerns on the contrary cant wait to get out and fish. I didn't mention the excellent service you wont go far wrong purchasing from Nick Gilbert and his products, my seat box is full of his floats and float rubbers there the business along with the pole elastic, i highly recommend and if you knew me you would know that's high praise.
from Anonymous on 28/10/2015
brilliant elastic same as everywhere else but cheaper.
Looks as good as all solid elastic at supermarket prices.
from Anonymous on 31/07/2015
Just fitted 7 puller kits with various solid elastics super stuff
very good
from Anonymous on 18/07/2015
from Anonymous on 07/05/2015
i reconised this product from one of the leading manufatures namely midi the only diffrance is the price
from Anonymous on 01/03/2015
on first inspection of this elastic it looks realy good quility i believe this product to be the one that midi is useing the only diffrance is in the price
from Anonymous on 23/02/2015
only tried the size 8 elastic so far and didn't have a problem using it thought, it looked a bit thin but no worries preforms well and at a gd price to. would buy more and the 3m length is enough for top 2 sections with not much waste. if you where to double it up though you would need to buy probable 4m thanks.
great product as usual
from Anonymous on 12/02/2015
top notch elastic at a fraction of the cost of other products,well done once again to ng floats.