Handmade Decker Range

Handmade Decker Range

Handmade Decker Range
A range of super stable floats for fishing on or near the bottom. Available in a variety of models including the Glass, Mini, Wire. paste and F1 Decker. The are all based on the same rounded diamond balsa body.

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NG NG Decker

A super stable floats for fishing on or near the deck with all baits. Available in sizes in 0.2-1g, A 35mm long hollow plastic tips is fitted with diameters of 1.5mm, 1.7mm or 2mm available. The 1mm glass stem goes all the way into the tip for strength. All floats are fitted with twin eyes to stop line cutting in and the bodies are totally sealed with a hard coat. This is the number one carp bagging float for open water.

NG Mini Decker

Shorter version in sizes 0.3g, 0.2g and 0.1g. This float has a multitude of uses from long pole on the deck to tight to the margins.This float is super strong and stable. It has a 25mm hollow plastic tip in sizes 1.5mm, 1.7mm and 2mm. The 1mm glass stem goes all the way through the body for strength. Two side eyes are glued into the medium density balsa body to prevent the line cutting in.

NG Decker Silverfish/F1

This float is built with a 1.2mm, 35mm long hollow tip with a 0.8mm glass stem. It was designed for silverfish but still has the strength to be used for carp. I have thoroughly tested this float when fishing for shy biting skimmers and roach during the coldest of conditions and it was spot on!. Sizes 0.1g-1gm. This float comes with one side eye as standard, if you want twin eyes fitted please ask when ordering.

NG Decker Paster

Long tipped paste floats based on the Decker body shape ranging in size from 0.3-1g. They are all built with a 50mm long 1.7mm tip. These are available with the option of twin side eyes or a spring eye.

NG Wire Decker

Based around the Decker design but with a 0.6mm wire stem. It has the durable build quality of all NG floats and is briiliant for fishing on mixed venues. Fitted with a 1.5mm hollow bristle. Sizes range from 0.05g-1g.

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